Encoding Tables of  Georgian script




Transliteration** georgian-ilia***
  (7bit)  name , # , value
proposed variation of 
variation of FontFace variation of
<U10A0> A <U00C0> <U00C0> a an         
1           1
<U10A1> B <U00C1> <U00C1> b ban       
2           2
<U10A2> G <U00C2> <U00C2> g gan      
3           3
<U10A3> D <U00C3> <U00C3> d don       4            4
<U10A4> E <U00C4> <U00C4> e en         5            5
<U10A5> V <U00C5> <U00C5> v vin         6           6
<U10A6> Z <U00C6> <U00C6> z zen        7            7
<U10A7> TH <U00C7> <U00C8> T than       9            9
<U10A8> I <U00C8> <U00C8> i in         
10          10
<U10A9> K <U00C9> <U00CA> k kan      
11          20
<U10AA> L <U00CA> <U00CB> l las       
12          30
<U10AB> M <U00CB> <U00CC> m man     
13          40
<U10AC> N <U00CC> <U00CD> n nar       
14          50
<U10AD> O <U00CD> <U00CF> o oni       
16          70
<U10AE> P <U00CE> <U00D0> p par
17          80
<U10AF> ZH <U00CF> <U00D1> J zhan    
18          90
<U10B0> R <U00D0> <U00D2> r rae      
19         100
<U10B1> S <U00D1> <U00D3> s san      
20         200
<U10B2> T <U00D2> <U00D4> t tar       
21         300
<U10B3> U <U00D3> <U00D6> u un       
23         400
<U10B4> PH <U00D4> <U00D7> f phar    
24         500
<U10B5> Q <U00D5> <U00D8> q qan     
25         600
<U10B6> GH <U00D6> <U00D9> R ghan   
26         700
<U10B7> Y <U00D7> <U00DA> y yar.q'ar 
27         800
<U10B8> SH <U00D8> <U00DB> S shin     
28         900
<U10B9> CH <U00D9> <U00DC> C chin     
29         1000
<U10BA> C <U00DA> <U00DD> c can      
30         2000
<U10BB> DZ <U00DB> <U00DE> Z dzil      
31         3000
 <U10BC> TS <U00DC> <U00DF> w tsil       
32         4000
<U10BD> TCH <U00DD> <U00E0> W tchar   
33         5000
<U10BE> KH <U00DE> <U00E1> x khan   
34         6000
<U10BF> J <U00DF> <U00E3> j jan     
36         8000
<U10C0> H <U00E0> <U00E4> h hae    
37         9000
<U10C1> 'E <U00E1> <U00C7> E he (e8th)
8             8
<U10C2> 'I <U00E2> <U00CE> I iota   
15           60
<U10C3> 'V <U00E3> <U00D5> V vie    
22           --
<U10C4> `KH <U00E4> <U00E2> X khar  
35          7000
 <U10C5> `H <U00E5> <U00E5> H (h)oi  
40       10 000

8bit standard
8bit standard 7bit standard
name # #value
<U10D0> a <U00C0> <U00C0> a an         1           1 
<U10D1> b <U00C1> <U00C1> b ban       2             2
<U10D2> g <U00C2> <U00C2> g gan       3             3
<U10D3> d <U00C3> <U00C3> d don       4            4
<U10D4> e <U00C4> <U00C4> e en         5            5
<U10D5> v <U00C5> <U00C5> v vin         6           6
<U10D6> z <U00C6> <U00C6> z zen        7            7
<U10D7> th <U00C7> <U00C8> T than       9            9
<U10D8> i <U00C8> <U00C8> i in          10          10
<U10D9> k <U00C9> <U00CA> k kan       11          20
<U10DA> l <U00CA> <U00CB> l las        12          30
<U10DB> m <U00CB> <U00CC> m man     13          40
<U10DC> n <U00CC> <U00CD> n nar       14          50
<U10DD> o <U00CD> <U00CF> o oni       16          70
<U10DE> p <U00CE> <U00D0> p par       17          80
<U10DF> z <U00CF> <U00D1> J zhan     18          90
<U10E0> r <U00D0> <U00D2> r rae       19         100
<U10E1> s <U00D1> <U00D3> s san       20        200
<U10E2> t <U00D2> <U00D4> t tar        21         300
<U10E3> u <U00D3> <U00D6> u un        23         400
<U10E4> ph <U00D4> <U00D7> f phar     24         500
<U10E5> q <U00D5> <U00D8> q qan      25         600
<U10E6> gh <U00D6> <U00D9> R ghan     26         700
<U10E7> y <U00D7> <U00DA> y yar.q'ar  27       800
<U10E8> sh <U00D8> <U00DB> S shin       28        900
<U10E9> ch <U00D9> <U00DC> C chin      29       1000
<U10EA> c <U00DA> <U00DD> c can      30      2000
<U10EB> dz <U00DB> <U00DE> Z dzil        31       3000
 <U10EC> ts <U00DC> <U00DF> w tsil         32       4000
<U10ED> tch <U00DD> <U00E0> W tchar     33       5000
<U10EE> kh <U00DE> <U00E1> x khan     34        6000
<U10EF> j <U00DF> <U00E3> j jan       36        8000
<U10F0> h <U00E0> <U00E4> h hae      37        9000
<U10F1> 'e <U00E1> <U00C7> E he (e8th)
8            8
<U10F2> 'i <U00E2> <U00CE> I iota      15  
<U10F3> 'v <U00E3> <U00D5> V vie   
22         --
<U10F4> `kh <U00E4> <U00E2> X khar      35         7000
<U10F5> `h <U00E5> <U00E5> H (h)oi      40     
10 000
<U10F6> f <U00E6>



*Asomtavruli (Old Georgian,Capital) and Khucuri exists as variation of Font Face in8bit standard.

** This is "proposed " transliteration for Georgian Asomtavruli.

***GEORGIAN-PS, GEORGIAN-ACADEMY "unsupported" Georgian Encodings.

7bit standard is still used sometimes. This is actually US QWERTY kb maping.

Order and numeric value probably are not matter . They are given in GEORGIAN-PS.

Alternative glyphs in GEORGIAN-ILIA(GEORGIAN-ACADEMY) standard:

<U00F0>-d ; <U00F1>-z;  <U00F2>-l; <U00F3>-o <U00F4>-r;<U00F5>-t ; <U00F6>-u ;<U00F7>-u;
<U00F8>-sh ;<U00F9>-ts ; <U00FA>-f ;

<U00FB> Georgian "&" symbol .
<U00FF> St. Nino Cross

This letters are not included in UNICODE Standard nor in GEORGIAN-STD(PS) standard.
They can be included in GEORGIAN-STD(PS) standard in same positions.

Besides Asomtavruli (old Capital) and Modern(mkhedruli) there is the third Georgian alfabet
not presented in UNICODE-- "khucuri". Khucuri'sglyphs are used as variation of FontFace in
Mkhedruli(modern) or Asomtavruli(Old Capital) letters positions. There are "mixed" texts Mkhedruli-Khucuri, Asomtavruli-Khucuri (Georgian Orthodox Church uses
Asomtavruli-Khucuri for internal and somepublic documents), Asomtavruli-Mkhedruli-Khucuri.

G e o r g i a n   for  X

X system bitmap fonts

This package is still under constartion. Some "key" fonts are missed.This packet was made for personal use only and in hope , that it will be halpfull for others. Some fonts have (for current 0.5 version) restrictions. Especially BPG-InfoTech fonts. For next version (work is in progress) charset names will be renamed(see below).Only X4.01 native UNICODE fonts("ucs", "etl") will be used to construct 8bit fonts, since some Georgian TTF-s have restrictions for software distributors. This unicode fonts from Gia Servashidze are free and can be included in the distributions as well. If there will be(are) some other Georgian fonts without restrictions(to say better with GPL License ) , I'll post(let me know) info. This is what I have done yet:

  • Georgian Unicode font "BPG Akademiuri U"(Bold and Medium) .
    Unicode fonts Arial, Courier, Times.
    All of them normal, bold, italic, bold italic. 100dpi.
    converted from Gia Shervashidze's fonts
    Covers Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek ..
  • GEO8-GOV( Will be renamed as "GEORGIAN-STD". Probably will be registered with this name) Georgian State Standared ,pre XIX cent reform fonts (includes "fixed")
  • GEO8-BPG ( Will be renamed as "GEORGIAN-ILIA". Request from BPG-InfoTech Academy) Georgian standard according to modern alfabet ,after XIX cent. reform(This is what we are teaching in schools) (includes "fixed")
  • *.xmm Georgian maping files , work with XrusKb .
  • You'll find sample "rc" files in archive as well


  • The last version of xruskb from ftp.yers.free.net xruskb or from metalab
  • georgian bitmap fonts and *.xmm xgeo-05.tar.gz

    See how Georgian looks in X : 


    KDE1 KDE2 KDE3 Netscape XNC KDE4
    Warning: Those are high resolution images.

    Setting TTF fonts with xfstt

    This was tested for XFree3.3.6
    1. Download and install xfstt
    2. Put your TTF fonts in /usr/share/fonts/truetype (Default for xfstt) and run xfstt --sync
    3. Add unix/:7101 in XF86Config file or xset fp+ unix/:7101
      xset fp rehash
      in your .xinitrc file (I prefer this way)
    4. xfstt should be started(in background) before X server. So run it on console or add xfstt --sync & xfstt & in "rc" startup script . rc.local in my case
    5. Start X & run gfontsel to check TTF fonts
    6. Note:Be carefull with netscape. If you remove some fonts , netscape still remembers them :) and this can hang it :). Netscape does not scale it automatically. You will see "0" just type your "favorite" size in an entry.
      This is quick way. Refer xfstt documentation for detales . Since xfstt does not know Georgian you'll get iSO8859-1 fonts ,with "Ttf" Foundry name.
      I dont like this , but I needed some nice scaleable fonts for GIMP and this was a way :)

    TYPE1 Fonts

    1. If you are not interested in detales get converted Type1 fonts and Type1install ... If you'd like to convert TTF's to T1 and T42 (They are usefull not only for browsing the webpages with nice fontfaces) , you'll need:
    2. I assume you have some TTFonts
    3. Get ttf2pt1(Read README ;) ) Type1install(local copy) For newer version check sunsite archive
    4. You as developer might be interedted in this site also: freetype.org
    5. I'm archiving this utilities on my site Fonts and Utilities
    6. Convert TTF fonts:type in your ttf dir: ttf2type1 *.ttf, type1install, add fontpath to XF86Config or .xinitrc file
      xset fp+ /usr/local/lib/fonts/type1
      xset fp rehash

      Tip: To make system upgrades easyer put all new staff in /usr/local dir
      Now you will be able to use T1 fonts in X . To add new fonts GS and StarOffice see documentation .

      TTF and T1 example

      Gnome screenshot and netscape (in enlightement wm) with T1 and TTF fonts

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