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I was waiting some other things also, but it seems it's geting late.
Here are link updates.
New sites were added in

  • Turism and Sport:Georgian Soccer page(This is the best..yet).
  • Regions:Imereti:Kutaisi page.
  • Etexts: two editions of "Vefxistkaosani"


    I have made 2 new thingies for now. 1 iverieli site it's mostly georgian but i'll better keep it as bilingual. So English posts are welcome :) and 2. nothing , just combined 2 images from movie MATRIX and made 1 image for background. You can get if from here. Here are link updates.
    New sites were added in

  • History: Sabino De Sandoli about georgia . Thanks aleko for finding this link
  • Turism and Sport: Georgian Soccer Page
  • and aleko's online libraries
  • Journals and newspapers: "monitori" online newspaper
    fixed several broken links


    New sites were added in

  • History: Argonautica, georgian ethnogenesis.
  • religion:Georgian Orthodox Church
  • Art & Culture:Architecture:Old Tbilisi fotos
  • Language and fonts: locales page (use this one. in another miror all archive files are broken). UTF8 font sites.
  • Etexts: Merab kostava's , Zviad Gamsaxurdias books both in .gif format. Selected georgian poetry page
  • Journals and newspapers: media guide, guria today, tbilisi times, Eco digest .All in Georgian GEORGIAN-STD standard
    fixed several broken links


    qebai..("glory..") update(It's now in GEORGIAN-STD (PS) standard) with Engish translation.


    Georgian 4 X pageAdded T1 fonts. JS is gone from the page :(. Now You can see it in any browser.


    WEB convertors javascipt and perl. geo8-bpg, geo8-gov, 7 bit(GeoLatin), transliteration support.


    Site was not updated a long time. Many new sites appeared in georgian web, as I mentioned before this site does not pretend to have a full information and links about All georgian sites. Here are links what I found interesting.I made some new stuff also:
    1.Georgian PFR fonts.
    2. "Georgian for X" page. (If you don't see this page well in buggy NN, reload frame)
    ...and here are updates:

    1.several new pages are added in "General" and "Goverment" section, including "door to door" map site for georgia.
    2."Language & Fonts": fonts for linux (for console and for X window) and other new sites
    3. "Universities and Institutes": TSU site, Dep. of Economics site, Insitute of Linguistics and more
    4."Computers and Technology": Apple comes to Georgia :)
    5. "Georgia at the Net": "Papailand" - Archil Mgebrishvili's (Santa Papa) page,"wiredkartvelebi" big online community . Nice place with many features
    6."TV,Jurnals & Newspapers": Radio 105, Radio Liberty sites


    1.Pages from are moved to tripod's site.links are updated
    2.10 georgian dynamic fonts are avialable for geocities & tripod users. contact me for information.

    qartuli teqstebi

    "Fanatizmi". (in Georgian PS dynamic fonts)

    "saqartvelo" webring appearence is changed. Archil mgebrishvilis page was added georgian version script for menu is changed. It's much faster now.

    "adamis gadzeveba samotxidan". (in Georgian PS dynamic fonts)

    "Art & Literature" section is reorganized.
    "Regions" are added in "General" section.
    "Science & Education" is renewed.
    new sites are added in "Turism & Sport" and "Religion" sections.
    "Submit" and "Search" options will be added soon. You will be able to submit your page in this site , search in this site and in popular search engines.
    Some changes are made in the georgian version
    . "Qebai da Didebai Qartulisa Enisa".
    (Georgian version)(with Georgian dynamic fonts) is done.

    This is ( basic working site. many things will be added and changed. This free script for menu was originally written by Mike Hall . I have changed treeMenuCode.js to display pfr fonts in Georgian version of this site.