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Praise and Glorification of the Georgian Language.

1.The Georgian language (nation) is preserved until the day of the Second Coming to testify to Him, in order that God judge (expose) all the languages through this language

2.And this language has been dormant to this day, and to the Gospel this language is called Lazarus

3.And the new Nino and Helen the Queen converted; these are two sisters, like Mary and Martha.

4. And he said frendship because all mysteries are hidden in this language.

5. And David the Prophet said "four day's dead", for one thousend years are equal to one day; and in the Georgian Gospel according to Matthew at the begining there stands the letter (ts) that speaks of four thousend maragis ('prophesies').

And this is four days and four days dead, and buried with Him through death with His baptism.

6.And this language, adorned and blessed in the name of the Lord, humbled and rejected, is awaiting the day of the Second Coming of the Lord

7.And (the language) has a sign: ninety-four years since the advent of the Christ to this day, and in this it (the language) has an adventage over other languages.

8. And all this, that is written, will be testified by this letter of the alphabet.