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Georgian Geo8-bpg <-----> Georgian 7 bit (GeoLatin Extended in bpg style :)) Convertor

Georgian "Latin" Alphabet for BPG standard:

Note: Latin / geo8-bpg
E, I, V , X and H are "OLD" Georgian Letters: "e merve", "iota", "vi","xe (or xae)" and "hoi". This letters are added in end of the code table in BPG 8bit and in UNICODE standard.
Set Encoding ISO8859-1 in "preferences". Just paste(Type) text in appropriate Field and click. :).
Switch to:[ GEO8-GOV<->Latin ] [ GEO8-BPG<->GEO8-GOV ]
This is different .Here you can see what you type in Georgian :). Uses Dynamic fonts.

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